Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

a Blog????

A few months ago if you would have ask me what a blog is...I would have looked at you funny! "Ha, I don't know?? "
All these things you do now, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, bloging...well as you see now I know what it is and I decided to start one.
Since we are going on a journey soon and I would like to have everyone posted on where we are and what we are doing, I guess this is a good way to communicate.
I will try to let you be part of our trip and our life in these weeks, and hope you will enjoy the funny, sad, interesting and maybe boring stories I will post.
Love you all


  1. Hey das ist cool. Ein lebendiges Bilderbuch sozusagen. Bin jetzt schon neugierig. Br. Thomas

  2. ja so ungefähr!! :) bin auch gespannt wie es wird!

  3. ein Blog... das Tagebuch zum Mitlesen... hehe... bin ja schon gespannt auf die Bilder und Berichte. Ich hab mal eine Victorian Quilt gesehen, der mit viel Spitze usw. war... vielleicht mach ich Dir den mal.

  4. Wow this is wonderfull a great idee.

  5. Wonderful idea, great, I can`t wait to see more. Love that. God bless you.

    Sis. Delia