Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome you on board

Our journey has finally begun and I ask you to please be seated. Fasten your seat belts and relax.

After a long and tiring plane ride, we finally arrived in Charlotte. After getting all the formalities done, all the things you need to do after getting of of a plane, we rushed to get to our connecting flight. The five of us running the aisles of the airport (Sarah and Celvin riding on our carry-ons) we made it just to see the airplane take off. How discouraging to us. Of course we got rebooked and sat at the gate waiting for our next flight. One after the other our kids fell asleep on the benches there. As the Airplane arrived we woke them up and managed to get them on it. They fell asleep again inside. Landing in Indianapolis IN, we met Br. and Sis. Adams waiting on us with on smile on their faces. How uplifting it is to have a loving Jesusfamily all over the world. They brought us to our hotel where we found a short sleep, thanks to Mr. Jetlag. That morning Sarah ask us, when we were going to get on the 2nd Airplane...This just made me laugh, she must have walked on and off the plane and talked with me while she was sound asleep. :) Kids are just wonderful.

After getting acquainted to time and country a little, we took the ride from Indianapolis to Louisiana. A 15 hour drive from normal weather to the heat that no one can stand. The air conditioning in our car was broke but we decided to just take the heat on us. Well driving down closer and closer to the south about killed us. We had our windows open, air coming in, but it was hotter outside than in the car. To make a long story short, God sent us an Angel that gave us a car with AC and fixed the AC in our car. It is just amazing how God always sends the right people. During this trip we had a wonderful opportunity. We stayed overnight with Br. & Sis. Lewis sr. This just made us feel so special. We felt so refreshed and ready to take the rest of this long trip on us.

So far God has blessed us and connected us to wonderful people.