Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

I admit I am a "Crockpoter"

As life gets busier and busier with the years, months, weeks and days pasting by faster and faster, I have come to the conclusion that without my Crockpot I would only be half of a good housewife!
I mean, now be realistic, who wants to come home after a day full of work, picking up kids, taking them to all the music lessons and sport lessons they attend, going to church and stand in the kitchen to cook a full meal with fresh meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes and a vegetable side dish? "Ok kids now we have to wait 1,5-2 hours for dinner to be done! But after that, I am sorry you have to go to bed because it will be 8.30 or 9pm by the time we ate!" I can see the frowning faces right in front of me and especially the grouchy faces when getting out of bed in the morning. Sleeping with a full belly is not the solution!
Well that's why I fell in love with my Crockpot! Get up 20min earlier in the morning to fix dinner set the Crockpot on low and leave. The homemade Spaghetti, broccoli Chicken or Pot-roast ect. is done and ready for us to eat when we get home. Whip up a sidedish (potatoes, rice or noodles and salad) that will be done by the time the table is set.
What a wonderful invention for todays overly busy Wife and Mom! Thank you "Mr. Crockpot" for making my life easier and providing a fresh cooked meal every day!